Electronic Leak Detection

Ithaca Roofing now offer Electronic Leak Detection services. This non-invasive technology can detect thesmallest of leaks in Flat roof Membranes and Felt Systems. We can detect leaks with pinpoint accuracy and target repairs more efficiently.

We can also provide a full roof condition survey to ensure that your roof is still fit for purpose, reliable and to provide you with peace of mind.

Electronic Leak Detection Process

Dry roof leak detectors use the non-conductive properties of roofing membranes as an insulator whilst the substrate beneath the membrane conducts the current and is earthed to the building. The detector is also earthed to the building and the probe is connected to the detector, creating an ‘open circuit’. As the detector passes a defect in the membrane, it creates an electrical circuit, the current ‘jumps’ the gap to earth; triggering the detector unit’s alarm and detecting the leak.

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New Build Roofing

Using the latest in modern techniques Ithaca Roofing can offer different solutions and cost alternatives to cover all roofing options including, Tiling & Slating, Insulation, Green Roofs, Liquid Waterproofing, Lead/Copper/Zinc Roofing & Cladding, SiKa Trocal Single Ply Membrane & Built up felt systems.

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Restoration / Repair

At Ithaca Roofing we pride ourselves on our abilities to sympathetically restore and renovate all buildings to their natural glory whilst using the latest materials and techniques to ensure that once we have finished, your roof will give you many more years of service.

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Sika Trocal Systems

We are registered and approved installers of Sika-Trocal single ply membrane systems. Sika Trocal provide flat roofing membranes that are suitable for a wide range of applications including new build, refurbishment and green roof specifications.

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Heritage Roofing Projects

We are skilled and equipped to managed Heritage Projects to include Flat and Pitched roofing. We have skilled Lead-work tradesmen available to transform tired and leaking roofs whilst using traditional techniques to blend old and new technologies and materials

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